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The Second Simillimum

A Disease-Specific Complement to Individual Treatment

By Peter Chappell

  • Published 2005
  • Soft cover, bound
  • 17x24 cm, 216 pages
  • ISBN 90-807103-3-4
  • Price: €29,95 excl. mailing costs
  • This book represents a giant step forward in homeopathic treatment!

    In his search for a homeopathic answer to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, Peter Chappell discovered a new way of designing homeopathic simillima for epidemics and chronic diseases. The results with his PC1 remedy for HIV/AIDS are impressive (See 'Homoeopathic Links' issue 4/2004).

    In this revolutionary book he describes the theoretical foundation and practical implications of his discovery. If any book can help you to increase your success in treating chronic diseases (e.g. Parkinson's, MS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and dozens of others) and epidemics (e.g. Aids, malaria, tuberculosis) it is this book.


    Part One
    The History of Homeopathy - The First Simillimum
    The philosophy and practice of classical homeopathy for the treatment of the sick

    Chapter 1 The History of Homeopathy and Healing
    Chapter 2 The Situation in Hahnemann's Time Two Centuries Ago
    Chapter 3 The Medical Situation in the 20th Century
    Chapter 4 Drug Pharmacy Now in the 21st Century
    Chapter 5 Classical Homeopathy in the 20th Century
    Chapter 6 The Patient Situation Now
    Chapter 7 Approaches to Treatment in Homeopathy - A Review

    Part Two
    The Future of Homeopathy - The Second Simillimum
    The theory and practice of an advance in homeopathy for the treatment of disease

    Chapter 8 Healing HIV and Its Consequences AIDS
    Chapter 9 The Results of Treating People with AIDS in Ethiopia and Elsewhere
    Chapter 10 A Further Look at Treating Diseases with Classical Homeopathy
    Chapter 11 The Vital Force of a Disease
    Chapter 12 Designing Homeopathic Remedies
    Chapter 13 Extending Homeopathy: The Second Simillimum

    Part Three
    Restating Homeopathy in a Modern Context

    Chapter 14 The building blocks of my consciousness
    Chapter 15 A new Interpretation and Upgrade to Parts of the Organon


    Appendix 1 AIDS Results in Malawi
    Appendix 2 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Results in Belgium
    Appendix 3 List of Available PC Remedies
    Appendix 4 PC Remedies Initial and Repeat Case Taking Sheet

    Title The Second Simillimum
    Subtitle A Disease-Specific Complement to Individual Treatment
    Author Peter Chappell
    Editors Corrie Hiwat & Harry van der Zee
    Corrector John Fox
    Language English
    ISBN 90-807103-3-4
    Edition February 2005
    Cover design Maurits Peerbolte
    Art work Candace Charlton
    Lay-out Jetze Smit
    Printer Drukkerij Scholma BV, Bedum
    Price €39,95
    General Soft cover, bound, 17x24 cm, 216 pages