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The Materia Medica of Milk

Editors: Corrie Hiwat & Harry van der Zee, MD

  • Published 2002
  • Soft cover, bound
  • 15x22 cm, 264 pages
  • ISBN 90-807103-2-6
  • Price: €34,95 excl. mailing costs
  • This book contains a wealth of information from provings, cases and group analysis on lacs in general and fourteen lacs in particular: Lac asinum, Lac caninum, Lac caprinum, Lac defloratum, Lac dolphinum, Lac equinum, Lac felinum, Lac humanum, Lac lupinum, Lac leoninum, Lac maternum, Lac owleum and Lac ovis.

    The following internally well known authors and teachers have contributed articles to this book: Divya Chabra, Kees Dam, Patricia Hatherly, Nancy Herrick, Jessica Jackson, Linda Johnston, Jacques Lamothe, Patricia LeRoux, Anne Nidecker, Manish Panchal, Uta Santos, Joan Scott Lowe, Tinus Smits, Annette Sneevliet, Alize Timmerman, Frans Vermeulen, Jörg Wichmann, Anne Wirtz, Ananda Zaren and Harry van der Zee.


    Foreword of the publisher

    The Lacs - A group analytical and signature view
    Kees Dam, The Netherlands

    Lac asinum
    The proving of Lac asinum
    Jacques Lamothe, France

    Lac caninum
    Lac caninum
    Frans Vermeulen, Sweden
    I was not allowed to talk about that - A case of Lac caninum
    Annette Sneevliet, The Netherlands
    I am a nothing, I don't count - A case of Lac caninum
    Ananda Zaren, USA
    Ailments from sexual abuse in children - Lac caninum
    Patricia Le Roux, France

    Lac caprinum
    Goat boy - A case of Lac caprinum
    Joan Scott Lowe, USA
    A dream proving confirmed - Lac caprinum
    Kees Dam, The Netherlands
    A proving of Lac caprinum
    Yvonne Lassauw and Kees Dam, The Netherlands
    The man with the cloven hooves - A case of Lac caprinum
    Joan Scott Lowe, USA
    Who is higher on the hill?
    Anne Nidecker ,Ireland

    Lac defloratum
    I do not care to live - A case of Lac defloratum
    Manish Panchal, India
    Lac defloratum
    Frans Vermeulen, Sweden

    Lac delphinum
    Dolphin's milk - A proving
    Nancy Herrick, USA
    In danger I feel peace inside! - A case of Lac delphinum
    Nancy Herrick, USA

    Lac equinum
    Desire to be of service - A corral of Lac equinum cases
    Jessica Jackson, USA
    Don't tell me what to do! - A case of Lac equinum
    Linda Johnston, USA

    Lac felinum
    The story of the cat - A proving of Lac felinum
    Divya Chhabra, India
    The symbol in a remedy as a key factor - A case of Lac felinum
    Alize Timmerman, The Netherlands
    A caring, capricious creature - Lac felinum
    Anne Wirtz, The Netherlands

    Lac humanum
    Lac humanum - To be fed or to feed
    Alize Timmerman, The Netherlands
    I need my mother - Lac humanum
    Patricia Hatherly, Australia

    Lac leoninum
    I make my own decisions - Two cases of Lac leoninum
    Alize Timmerman, The Netherlands

    Lac lupinum
    Wolf or Lac lupinum
    Nancy Herrick, USA

    Lac maternum
    Lac maternum and mother earth
    Tinus Smits, The Netherlands

    Lac ovis
    Lac ovis - A remedy picture made by group analysis
    Kees Dam, The Netherlands

    Lac owleum
    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread - Owl's milk, a wisdom potion
    Uta Santos-König, Jörg Wichmann & Harry van der Zee

    Lac suis (suilinum)
    Lac suis or lac suilinum
    Kees Dam, The Netherlands

    The authors

    Title The Materia Medica of Milk
    Editors Corrie Hiwat & Harry van der Zee
    Corrector Melanie J. Grimes
    Language English
    ISBN 90-807103-2-6
    Edition August 2002
    Cover design Jetze Smit
    Lay-out Jetze Smit
    Printer Drukkerij Scholma BV, Bedum
    Price €34,95
    General Soft cover, bound, 15x22 cm, 264 pages