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Miasms in Labour

Harry van der Zee, MD

  • 2000 (2001, 2004), republished 2009
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  • ISBN/EAN 978-94-90453-02-2
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  • A revision of the homoeopathic theory of the miasms - a process towards health.

    Miasms in Labour has been published in nine languages. The English version has been republished and is available as a PDF download.

    "Miasms in labour discusses a revision of the homeopathic theory of the miasms. It starts with researching an analogy between the birth process and the miasms. A deeper analysis of the miasms leads to a new perception of them. By discussing their connection with the individuation process their function in the development of the human psyche is clarified. A book with a refreshing and challenging view on the miasms, written in a clear and comprehensive way. "

    "For some two centuries homeopathy had no connections with the mainlands of science. In this book Harry van der Zee is building a bridge with psychology. He makes a connection between the miasms and the birth process ... and succeeds in giving the miasms a much greater depth by connecting them with the individuation process. Apart from this 'Miasms in labour' is already a valuable book for all the beautiful cases and remedy pictures. This book of Harry van der Zee on a new understanding of the miasms and the essences of many remedies through the process of pregnancy and birth is brilliant."

    "This book is an important step towards a deeper understanding of miasms and its application into practice. The connection that Harry made between pregnancy, birth, biblical stories on the creation of the world, mythology and psychology is wonderful. This book helped me in realizing better the truth and depth of homeopathy. After reading the book, I felt much more confident in the ability of homeopathy to treat and cure severe pathologies, by using the miasmatic approach."

    A revision of the homoeopathic theory of the miasms - a process towards health

    Harry van der Zee, MD Hom

    Table of contents

    0           Introduction
    1           Realms of the human unconscious
    2           What the foetus experiences
    3           Birth language
    4           Symptoms from pregnancy and birth
    5           Trillium pendulum: the wise owl
    6           Birth, a guided tour along the miasms
    6.1        Pre-miasmatic state
    6.1.0     Pre-miasmatic remedies
    6.1.1     Hydrogenium
    6.1.2     Helium
    6.1.3     Cannabis-indica
    6.1.4     Anhalonium
    6.2        Psoric miasm - the 'expulsion from paradise'
    6.2.0     Psoric remedies
    6.2.1     Sulphur
    6.2.2     Lycopodium
    6.2.3     Calcarea carbonica
    6.2.4     Silica
    6.2.5     Psorinum
    6.3        Transition from psora to sycosis
    6.3.1     Tuberculinum
    6.3.2     Calcarea phosphorica
    6.4        Sycotic miasm - 'no exit' or 'eternal hell'
    6.4.0     Sycotic remedies
    6.4.1     Thuja occidentalis
    6.4.2     Sabina
    6.4.3     Anacardium
    6.4.4     Lac caninum
    6.4.5     Staphysagria
    6.4.6     Nitricum acidum
    6.4.7     Mancinella
    6.4.8     Medorrhinum
    6.5        Transition from sycosis to syphilis
    6.5.1     Gelsemium
    6.5.2     Cimicifuga
    6.5.3     Chamomilla
    6.5.4     Coffea cruda
    6.5.5     Argentum nitricum
    6.5.6     Lyssinum
    6.5.7     Mezereum
    6.5.8     Carcinosinum
    6.6        Syphilitic miasm and the 'death-rebirth struggle'
    6.6.0     Syphilitic remedies
    6.6.1     Lachesis muta
    6.6.2     Tarentula hispanica
    6.6.3     Platinum
    6.6.4     Aurum
    6.6.5     Mercurius
    6.6.6     Thallium
    6.6.7     Plumbum
    6.6.8     Bismuth
    6.6.9     Arsenicum album
    6.6.10   Nitricum acidum
    6.6.11   Fluoricum acidum
    6.6.12   Cuprum
    6.6.13   Syphilinum
    6.7        Transition from syphilis to acute
    6.7.1     Radium bromatum
    6.7.2     Plutonium nitricum
    6.8        Acute miasm and the 'death-rebirth experience'
    6.8.0     Acute remedies
    6.8.1     Stramonium
    6.8.2     Belladonna
    6.8.3     Aconite
    6.8.4     Opium
    6.8.5     Hyoscyamus
    6.8.6     Veratrum album
    6.8.7     The Uranium series
    7           Miasms and the individuation process
    7.1        Pre-individuation
    7.1.1     Jungian psychology
    7.1.2     Mythology
    7.1.3     The kingdoms
    7.1.4     Qualities
    7.2        Departure
    7.2.1     Persona
    7.2.2     Psoric miasm
    7.2.3     Psoric miasm and mythology
    7.2.4     Psoric miasm and the mineral kingdom
    7.2.5     Psoric qualities
    7.3        Descent
    7.3.1     Shadow
    7.3.2     Sycotic miasm
    7.3.3     Sycotic miasm and psychology
    7.3.4     Sycotic miasm and the plant kingdom
    7.3.5     Sycotic qualities
    7.4        Ascent
    7.4.1     The soul image: anima and animus
    7.4.2     The spiritual image: spirit and matter
    7.4.3     Syphilitic miasm
    7.4.4     Syphilitic miasm and mythology
    7.4.5     Syphilitic miasm and the animal kingdom
    7.4.6     Syphilitic qualities
    7.5        Atonement
    7.5.1     The Self
    7.5.2     Acute miasm
    7.5.3     Acute miasm and mythology
    7.5.4     Acute miasm and the human kingdom
    7.5.5     Acute qualities
    8           An artistic expression of the miasms
    9           A cosmological survey
    10         Miasms in perspective


    Index of Remedies

    Title Miasms in Labour
    Sub-title A revision of the homoeopathic theory of the miasms - a process towards health.
    Author Harry van der Zee, MD Hom
    Corrector Roger Savage
    Language English
    Published Homeolinks Publishers
    Foreword Jan Scholten
    ISBN/EAN 978-94-90453-02-2
    Edition December 2009
    Cover design Maurits Peerbolte
    Art work Candace Charlton
    Layout Maurits Peerbolte
    Price €15,-
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