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Homeopathy for Birth Trauma

Harry van der Zee, MD

  • Published 2007
  • Soft cover, bound
  • 20x27 cm, 160 pages
  • ISBN 978-90-807103-5-1
  • Price: €29,95 excl. mailing costs
  • A new book by the author of miasms in Labour. The significance of birth for good health later in life and the role homeopathy can play before, during and after birth is worked out in this challenging book. A wide variety of topics concerning conception, pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period are being discussed, illustrated by a selection of fascinating cases in which the birth history plays a crucial role. The book emphasizes how true it is that "we are as we are born" and shows the practical implications this fact has for birthing, homeopathic treatment during birth and homeopathic case taking later in life. Conception, pregnancy and the birth process together are the blueprint of life and recognizing their dynamics in a case helps understanding the fundamental themes in the life of the individual.


    "For me this is a brilliant book with wonderful, in depth cases about birth trauma healing and vividly demonstrating its profound effects upon life. I know a lot about this subject, as I wrote a book partly on this, yet I learnt a lot more from homeopathy for Birth Trauma. The theory Harry van der Zee gives, inspired by Stanislav Grof, and directly linked to The Organon, is demonstrated by a wide variety of fascinating birth trauma case studies. This is homeopathy at its best, cutting edge and rooted in great cases from this millennium that we can easily relate to. "

    Peter Chappell FSHom

    "This very well researched, beautifully written book is suitably documented with several case studies which establish the idea that the birth process could provide very useful clues for a patient's state. It gives us impetus to test the idea in our practice so that we can find yet one more area where we can look for or confirm the remedy."

    Rajan Sankaran MD

    Table of Contents

    0  Introduction
    1  Summarising 'Miasms in Labour'
    2  The 'medicalisation' of reproduction
    Case of pregnancy after medically induced ovulation
    Case of IVF
    3  Conception
    Case of a betrayed father
    4  Being in the womb
    Case of a pregnancy full of sorrow
    Case of fear of birth injury
    Case of a baby presumed dead
    Case of early contractions
    Case of an early descent
    Case of no descent
    5  Miscarriage
    Case of habitual abortion
    Case of living in two worlds
    6  Stillborn babies
    Case of an angry frown
    7  Unwanted pregnancies
    Case of an unwanted child
    Case of a tired woman
    8  Induced abortion
    Case of abortion trauma
    9  Elective caesareans
    Case of a premature caesarean
    10  Twin pregnancy
    Case of a missing sister
    11  The onset of delivery
    12  Induced labour
    13  The dilatation phase
    Case of a baby in a rush
    14  Tokophobia
    Case of fear of labour pains and a history of sexual abuse
    15  The function of pain during labour
    16  Emergency caesareans
    Case of a baby refusing to be born
    17  Full dilatation
    Case of a suppressed baby
    18  The propulsion phase
    Case of a suppressed mother
    19  Actual birth
    Case of difficult bonding
    Case of panic
    20  Forceps and vacuum
    Case of terror
    Case of vacuum, forceps and manual expulsion
    21  Maternal love
    22  The capacity of the new-born to love
    23  Postnatal
    24  Natural birth
    25  Home birth
    26  Water
    27  Birth Doula
    28  Breastfeeding
    29  Pelvic complaints during and after pregnancy
    Case of a bad mother
    Case of a perfect child
    Case of pelvic rupture
    30  Perinatal and postnatal depression
    Case of a tired mother
    Case of a suicidal mother
    31  Vaccination
    Case of migraine since MMR vaccination
    Case of IVF and vaccination damage
    32  The Role and Purpose of Miasms
    Case of a spinal meningioma
    Case of a depressed HIV-positive gay man
    Case of final stage of AIDS
    33  Conclusion
    34  Bibliography
    35  Index of remedies

    Title Homeopathy for Birth Trauma
    Author Harry van der Zee
    Corrector John Fox
    Language English
    ISBN 90-807103-5-1
    Edition September 2007
    Cover design Maurits Peerbolte
    Art work Candace Charlton
    Lay-out Maurits Peerbolte
    Printer Drukkerij Scholma BV, Bedum
    Price €29,95
    General Soft cover, bound, 20x27cm, 160 pages