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Homeopathic Remedy Pictures

Studying with Cartoons

By Alexander Gothe / Julia Drinnenberg

  • Published 2007
  • Soft cover, bound
  • 20x27 cm, 212 pages, 669 cartoons
  • ISBN 978-90-807103-4-4
  • Translator: Petra Brockmann
  • Price: €44,95 excl. mailing costs
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  • This is how learning should be. Fun! Memorizing, analysing, repertorising, theorising, philosophising - homeopathy is full of mental labour. Alexander Gothe presents in this book well-written information on fifty homeopathic remedies, to which Julia Drinnenberg has added 669 hilarious cartoons to make for fun learning and easy memorizing.

    A good shaking of the belly can be 'just what the doctor ordered', for students, patients and homeopaths. Alexander and Julia have offered this very remedy to us with this marvellous book.

    Useful for study as well as to offer leisure in the waiting room.


    How this book came to be...

    Aconitum napellus - Monkshood
    Aethusa cynapium - Fool's parsley
    Apis mellefica - Honey bee
    Argentum nitricum - Nitrate of silver
    Arnica Montana - Leopard's bane
    Arsenicum album - White arsenic
    Aurum metallicum - Gold
    Baryta carbonica - Barium carbonate
    Belladonna - Deadly nightshade
    Bryonia alba - Wild hop
    Calcarea carbonica - Lime from the middle layer of the oyster shell
    Calcarea phosphorica - Phosphate of lime
    Cantharis - Spanish fly
    Carcinosinum - Nosode made from tissue from cancer of the mammae
    Causticum - Hahnemann's tinctura acris sine Kali
    Chamomilla matricaria - Wild chamomile
    Chelidonium majus - Celandine
    Cimicifuga - Black cohosh
    Conium maculatum - Hemlock poison
    Ferrum metallicum - Iron
    Gelsemium - Yellow Jasmine
    Hyoscyamus - Henbane
    Ignatia - St. Ignatius Bean
    Kali carbonicum - Potassium carbonate
    Lachesis muta - Bushmaster snake
    Lycopodium clavatum - Club moss
    Magnesia carbonica - Carbonate of Magnesia
    Magnesia muriatica - Chloride of Magnesia
    Medorrhinum - Nosode made from gonorrhoeal secretion
    Mercurius solubilis - Quicksilver, Mercury
    Natrum carbonicum - Carbonate of soda
    Natrum muriaticum - Ordinary salt
    Natrum sulphuricum - Sodium sulphate, Glauber salt
    Nux vomica - Poison nut
    Opium - Dried sap of the poppy
    Phosphorus - Phosphorus
    Phosphoric acid - Glacial phosphoric acid
    Platina metallica - Platinum
    Psorinum - Nosode made from the contents of a scabies vescicle
    Pulsatilla - Anemone
    Rhus toxicodendron - Poison oak
    Sepia - The dried contents of the cuttlefish's ink sac
    Silica - Pure Silica
    Staphysagria - Stavesacre
    Stramonium - Thorn apple
    Sulphur - Brimstone
    Thuja occidentalis - Tree of life
    Tuberculinum - Nosode prepared from a tuberculous abscess
    Veratrum album - White hellebore
    Zincum metallicum - Zinc



    Title Homeopathic Remedy Pitures
    Subtitle Studying with cartoons
    Author Alexander Gothe / Julia Drinnenberg
    Translator Petra Brockmann
    Corrector John Fox
    Language English
    ISBN 978-90-807103-4-4
    Edition June 2007
    Cover design Maurits Peerbolte
    Art work Julia Drinnenberg
    Lay-out Maurtits Peerbolte
    Printer Drukkerij Scholma BV, Bedum
    Price €44,95
    General Soft cover, bound, 20x27 cm, 212 pages
    Translated from 'Homöopatische Leit-Bilder', Karl F. Haug Verlag