The Materia Medica of Milk

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Editors: Corrie Hiwat & Harry van der Zee, MD
The Materia Medica of Milk
  • Published 2002
  • Soft cover, bound
  • 15x22 cm, 264 pages
  • ISBN 90-807103-2-6
  • Price: €34,95 excl. mailing costs

Book Summary

This book contains a wealth of information from provings, cases and group analysis on lacs in general and fourteen lacs in particular: Lac asinum, Lac caninum, Lac caprinum, Lac defloratum, Lac dolphinum, Lac equinum, Lac felinum, Lac humanum, Lac lupinum, Lac leoninum, Lac maternum, Lac owleum and Lac ovis.

The following internally well known authors and teachers have contributed articles to this book: Divya Chabra, Kees Dam, Patricia Hatherly, Nancy Herrick, Jessica Jackson, Linda Johnston, Jacques Lamothe, Patricia LeRoux, Anne Nidecker, Manish Panchal, Uta Santos, Joan Scott Lowe, Tinus Smits, Annette Sneevliet, Alize Timmerman, Frans Vermeulen, Jörg Wichmann, Anne Wirtz, Ananda Zaren and Harry van der Zee.

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